Distance Education Terminology & History

In Discussion 1, we discussed distance education terminology and history with its contribution to technology. The term distance education is very broad as it covers many areas of education, not just learning over the internet. If someone would’ve asked before enrolling in OMDE603, “what is distance education? “, my response would’ve been learning over the internet using a computer. However, distance education has changed since it was first introduced years ago. Distance goes much deeper than online media. As I read the text for OMDE603, I realized that there are several generations of distance education. These generations include (1) correspondence (2) broadcast radio & television (3) open universities (4) teleconferencing and (5) internet/web. As I learn more about distance education, I understand that it’s not only learning over the internet, it’s more complex, it involves students, teachers and resources that are separated by time and location. It’s learning at a distance without being in a traditional classroom.

Moore, M. G., & Kearsley, G. (2012). Distance Education: A Systems View of Online Learning. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning


2 responses to “Distance Education Terminology & History”

  1. jayjacques26 says :

    Hello Tonya, Great post! I agree with your views on distance education terminology and history. I also thought that the term distance education referred to learning over the Internet. I did not associate correspondence study to distance education I think mainly because I only associated distance education to technology. Learning about the generations of distance education helped me understand how and when technology was introduced in distance education. Distance education is a complex form of learning; before I started the OMDE program I did not know much about distance education I only had my experiences as a distance education student.
    Learning about the history of distance education has self-assured me that I made the right choice to join the OMDE program. How has learning about the history of distance education steered your views?


    • sheneika703 says :

      Hi, Thanks for your response to my post. I appreciate your comments.Learning about DE has made me realized that distance education is more that distance education is more than just learn from a distance. Its more of a framework of several components launched together to have a successful distance education program. I have also learned that there are several phases to distance edcuation since its introduction. I hope to learn more about distance education in other classes.

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